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Information about the campaign currently being held

Please contact each campaign secretariat for details and unclear points.
  • Kochi Tourism Recovery Campaign

    *For accommodations after March 25, 4th year of Reiwa, it is necessary to confirm at the time of check-in in accordance with the "Guidelines for Operation of Vaccine / Inspection Package in Travel Agency / Accommodation Industry" of the Japan ToContinue reading
  • Kochi Tourism Discount Campaign

    Up to 50% discount on travel and accommodation prices for travel within Kochi Prefecture
    (Up to 5,000 yen / person, maximum 5,000 yen / person for day trips)
    This is a campaign to distribute 2,000 yen worth of "hospitality coupons" that can be uContinue reading
  • The plan with Shimanto City Coupon 2 is now on sale!

    *Due to the limited number, we will hand over in order of accommodation date.
    *It will end as soon as the coupon runs out.

    ■Plan Details■
    ・Shimanto City Coupon(3,000 yen per person)
    *What is Shimanto City Coupon?
    ・It is a coupon that can be uContinue reading